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This is where we post the latest of our client's photos. Take a look and see what we have been up to.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Monday, friends! Shooting in Joshua Tree National Park was such a dream for us, so we were so happy when Sarah suggested it for their engagement shoot! We made it work right after Thanksgiving on our trip home from San Diego, and we could not have picked a more perfect day for the shoot! […]

Ryan + Krystal are such an amazing couple! Their beautiful wedding fell into our laps by chance when we received a phone call from their wedding planner Debra (who is one of our best friends) just a few months ago. She informed us that their hired photographer had been in a terrible accident and had […]

We LOVE Joe + Jessica. And I mean LOVE. We will keep this post short and sweet because we are capturing their wedding day NEXT month and we will tell more of their story with their wedding post, but I don’t think we stopped laughing once during their 2 hour engagement session in Malibu last […]

Bobby + Tracey met on the set of the hit show Hannah Montana, and while it has been many years, they still thank Miley Cyrus for unknowingly setting them up. After filming a surf scene together, Tracey started to get butterflies around Bobby, and Tracey immediately caught Bobby’s eye. They have been inseparable since and […]

I (Andrew) cannot put into words the depths of what James and Debra mean to me. These are 2 people I have loved for most of my life. James has been my best friend since high school and Debra has been a dear friend of mine since 2001; she is also EmilyJade’s closest friend since […]

These two. The ocean. The breeze. The beautiful cliffs. The sound of seals in the distance. And their incredible love for each other… When Stas + Gillian chose us as their future wedding photographers several months ago, we didn’t have the opportunity to meet them first or have a conversation with them. We just knew […]

Nate + Sarah are the true definition of adventure and joy… which makes them a dream couple for us. We hope and strive to attract couples who are joyful and adventurous, as these are two qualities that make our own marriage so wonderful, exciting, and full. When I (EmilyJade) met with Sarah I could not […]

Aaron and Cassy have become like family to us. It all started 2 1/2 years ago when we had the pleasure of capturing Cassy’s sister’s wedding and we fell in love with the family right then and there. We have followed each other on social media over the years, Kristina (Cassy’s sister) and I were […]

I have heard from Emily Jade how amazing Inty is and how much I was going to love her and Robbie when I finally got the chance to meet them. I met them for the first time on Saturday for their engagement session, and I must say she was right; I love these guys! Their […]

Patrick + Elizabeth are perfect for each other. They were originally planning to get married in Arizona in the fall and that is how we met them. After a few months, they realized that getting married in San Diego (where they live) was much easier and a much better fit for them. We were thrilled […]