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San Diego Wedding Photography: James + Debra

August 5, 2015

I (Andrew) cannot put into words the depths of what James and Debra mean to me. These are 2 people I have loved for most of my life. James has been my best friend since high school and Debra has been a dear friend of mine since 2001; she is also EmilyJade’s closest friend since we got married 7 years ago. I literally could not tell their story better than they can, so I urge you to watch this 7 minute video about the tragedy and restoration in their relationship. The Lord has truly done a miracle in their lives; it is the only reason they are together today and more full of love for each other than ever before. I hope their story blesses and encourages you, especially if you find yourself in a situation similar to theirs.

Here is their incredible wedding day from our point of view. We were so honored to document such a God-glorifying and powerful day!

 photo MavisBLOG-29.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-25.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-1.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-2.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-3.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-19.jpg
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 photo MavisBLOG-8.jpg
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 photo MavisBLOG-11.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-70.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-23.jpg
 photo MavisBLOG-22.jpg
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