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Anniversary Photography: Andy + Mel

August 10, 2015

Anniversary sessions are our favorite. I mean, really. The only thing better than young love and new commitment, is OLDER love…. and deeper commitment.

Mel, Andy & their marriage has been a blessing to everyone around them. It is evident even through social media how loved and cared for they are, how respected they are as a couple, and also individuals, and how truly they love each other. One of the things I (Emily) loved right away about Mel is how brutally honest she is, even with the hard stuff. Her life and her struggles have always been an open book, and in her transparency, she has touched some of the deepest places in others lives… and brought light to the darkness, in my life included. It is from some of her many posts about loving yourself and embracing your body for exactly what it is, that I started my journey to self-love 5 months ago and I have experienced so much freedom! She is a light, and she loves so freely! And her wonderful, patient husband Andy… he just loves so well.

When Mel asked us to capture her 10 year anniversary with a session in Sedona, we were over the moon! What a perfect day it was! Cheers to 60 more incredible years together, A&M! 🙂

 photo BosnaBLOG-3.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-4.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-2.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-7.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-10.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-13.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-1.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-17.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-12.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-16.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-31.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-29.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-25.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-26.jpg
 photo BosnaBLOG-24.jpg

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