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San Diego Engagement Photography: Nate + Sarah

June 12, 2015

Nate + Sarah are the true definition of adventure and joy… which makes them a dream couple for us. We hope and strive to attract couples who are joyful and adventurous, as these are two qualities that make our own marriage so wonderful, exciting, and full.

When I (EmilyJade) met with Sarah I could not get over how happy she was, and the way she blushed when she talked about Nate was so adorable. These two are perfect together and the love they share in their relationship is so evident in a single moment just by watching how they look at each other. When we found out that they would be in San Diego the same weekend and us, and that they were in for a beach adventure for their engagement session, that confirmed once again that they must be our soul mates. We feel SO fortunate to be chosen as their photographers, and we cannot wait for their wedding this fall!! Enjoy! -A&J

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  1. Jen Lawrence Dixon says:

    Love them!!!!

  2. Marie Toscano Duncan says:

    Great pictures, you guys are so cute!

  3. Michael J. Amado says:

    Sara great pics. We are so happy for you. Like I said you deserve to be this happy!

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