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This is where we post the latest of our client's photos. Take a look and see what we have been up to.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Jade and Eddy met during their freshman year of high school. They were sitting in English class near each other, and Jade was immediately annoyed by how much Eddy talked during class. Eddy, on the other hand, found it amusing that some random girl thought he was annoying, and it encouraged him even more! Despite […]

Oh the CHEMISTRY! Give me ALL the heart eyes for these two! This engagement session was a dream! The perfect setting and the most amazing couple who are undeniably in love- so much so that they actually shine when they are together. We laughed until we cried with these two, and just looking back on […]

Oh, Andy and Julie. I can’t even begin to describe what these two mean to us! While most couples book photography for their wedding day around a full year in advance, Andy and Julie booked us for their wedding day 18 months in advance… lucky for us, we had an extra 6 months of emails […]

I can remember the exact moment that I met Brinde. Andrew and I were set up at a venue open house, and so many newly engaged couples shook our hands and exchanged conversation with us. About halfway through the event, Brinde entered the scene, and I don’t recall if it was her beautiful smile that […]

It’s that smile. Taylor’s beautiful smile was the first thing I noticed about her on the first day that we met. Or maybe it was the confidence behind her smile. She walked into our meeting like she already knew me, like she had already chosen me, and like she already knew we would become friends […]

Barrett + Becky currently live in North Dakota so when they chose us as their wedding photographers, we did everything online and had not officially met. I (Em) got a great vibe from them through emails and I could tell that they were definitely our “ideal” wedding clients, but I was SO anxious to meet […]

Jason and Mara are a match made in heaven. Their wedding was a unique experience for us, and we had the most wonderful day with these two and their loved ones! When we were sitting down together and they were explaining their wedding vision to us, they said “We love our friends. And we are […]

When Casey and Kristen arrived for their engagement shoot the evening of Halloween and Kristen stepped out of the car, both Andrew and I said in unison “Wow!” Photographing these two with their incredible style and in one of our favorite desert places in Arizona was SUCH a dream. The shoot was flawless, and even […]

Ross and Amanda are so awesome. As you can tell by their photos, the chemistry between them is undeniable and we had such a blast together roaming around Lake Pleasant for their engagement session. I loved the way they communicated and how kind and loving they are to each other. Not to mention thoughtful and […]

This wedding is so special to us. Not because of the details or the location or the vendors (although Cara from A Day to Cherish Weddings is one of our FAVORITES… and Posies Floral knocked it out of the park on this one… look at that gorgeous bouquet!!), but because of the bride and groom. […]