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Desert Engagement Photography: Casey + Kristen

November 18, 2015

When Casey and Kristen arrived for their engagement shoot the evening of Halloween and Kristen stepped out of the car, both Andrew and I said in unison “Wow!” Photographing these two with their incredible style and in one of our favorite desert places in Arizona was SUCH a dream. The shoot was flawless, and even when we had to pick small cacti out of Kristen’s dress more than once, these two were so joyful and didn’t mind a little desert adventuring!

Casey + Kristen are currently living in New York City, so being in the desert for their shoot was not only a stark contract to their every day life, but the weather was just beautiful and we loved every minute. We CANNOT wait for our 2016 spring wedding season, and we already know their wedding with our friends from OUTSTANDING Occasions is going to be one of our favorites!! Enjoy! -A&J

 photo HancockBLOG-6.jpg
 photo HancockBLOG-50.jpg
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  1. Erica Paonessa says:

    These are gorgeous! I’d love to visit some beautiful Arizona desert locations. Planning a trip soon! Where was this shot?

  2. Jill Osteen says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! And her dress is SO pretty against the desert backdrop!

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