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Private Estate Wedding Photography: Jason + Mara

November 19, 2015

Jason and Mara are a match made in heaven.

Their wedding was a unique experience for us, and we had the most wonderful day with these two and their loved ones! When we were sitting down together and they were explaining their wedding vision to us, they said “We love our friends. And we are super casual people. We just want our wedding to represent that. We don’t want it to be stuffy, we don’t want dancing, we just want to sit around and chat and truly enjoy the company of our friends.” And while I have never heard a couple say that before, I immediately LOVED the idea! Because Jason + Mara, they truly GET it. They get what marriage is about… Commitment. Each other. Forever. They value relationships and friendships above anything else, and they didn’t need dancing and old wedding traditions to have fun.

The day flowed beautifully, and the happiness written on their faces is evident in every single photo. One of my favorite parts of their day was when Mara was getting her makeup finished and Jason walked right into the bathroom, kissed her on the head and told her she was beautiful, and then walked out. Since I witness weddings every single weekend, my heart started beating so fast and I wanted to yell when I saw him “Get out! You’re not supposed to see her yet!”… but I quickly realized that for their relationship, he WAS supposed to see her. Because they are so comfortable with each other, so adoring of one another, that they just wanted to be together ALL day long. Waking up, doing breakfast, see each other throughout the getting ready process…. they didn’t want to be apart. After all, it was THEIR day. And it was SO special.

Jason + Mara, we truly love you both. Thank you for breaking the mold and making your wedding your own. Thank you for loving people like you do. And for being such a good example of love and commitment to everyone around you. Have a FABULOUS honeymoon!! -A&J

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  1. Travis says:

    These are FANTASTIC!!! Wonderful job as always!

  2. Patty Knutson says:

    What a beautiful wedding!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  3. Kathy French says:

    Beautiful couple, wedding and photography!

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