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Phoenix Engagement Photography: Chad + Sabrina

May 22, 2015

Chad + Sabrina are so in love.

I mean, seriously. When we start an engagement session, we always tell the couple that they are likely going to feel awkward for the first 10-15 min until they get into a groove and then once they find it, it will be a blast. Chad and Sabrina were the exception to this common theme. Immediately their chemistry was very evident, and when they looked at each other and we had them interact, it was as if they really were not being photographed and they were just enjoying each other’s company. They may have even tuned us out a time or two as they giggled and talked. We loved it because it allowed us to capture who they truly are and how raw and real their feelings are for each other. Chad travels very frequently for work so they spend a good bit of their relationship away from each other, but when they are together, it’s as if no time has passed at all. We loved every moment with these two and we cannot wait for their wedding this Fall! -A&J

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