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Boulder Engagement Photography: Tom + Monica

May 21, 2015

Tom + Monica are our favorites.

During our first Skype date, I could tell even through the computer how funny and full of life they both are. How joyful their relationship is and adventurous they are. #adventureandjoy 😉

When they mentioned that they wanted to fly us out to their current home (Colorado) for their engagement session to document the surroundings they live near and the season of life they are in, we were over the moon and SO EXCITED! We booked our flights making sure we had two days to shoot in case of weather, and we are SO glad that we did!! When we first arrived and stepped off the plane, my first thought was “Colorado is ugly”… we had stepped into a heavy rain storm and fog so heavy that there appeared to be no mountains in site. NO mountains. Anywhere. Tom and Monica were so flexible and laid back. They were happy to shoot in the rain and happy to get wet, but after about 45 min of shooting and no change in weather, we moved the rest of the shoot to the following day. The next day, we woke up to one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen! The fog cleared and there were those famous Colorado mountains! The weather was perfect and we had SUCH a blast getting to know these two!! We are still laughing thinking about all the fun we had with them, and we cannot WAIT for their Fall wedding in beautiful Sedona! -A&J

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  1. Patty Bush says:

    Beautiful photos!! Tom and Monica you look wonderful

  2. Bridget Favero says:

    New love…. Just beautiful!!

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