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McCormick Ranch Wedding Photography: Dusty + Andrea

May 27, 2015

Dusty + Andrea are a match made in heaven.

The first word we thought of when we left our double date with them a few weeks before their wedding was “spunky”. The kind of spunky that means you will have a blast with them even if you are playing board games or taking a walk. The kind of spunky that creates a permanent smile on your face anytime you are in their presence. They LOVE to have FUN and the joy they have found in each other and in their relationship is so evident. They are the type of people that live outside of the box… quick to outwit you, and first to make you fall over laughing. As we watched them interacting with their friends on their wedding day, we were amazed to see how many people love the daylights out of these two and how many lives they have touched with their kindness, joyfulness, and passion.

It was only fitting that their wedding day be extremely colorful and fun. The bouquets were wild and bold, and all of the little touches they incorporated into their day (like their handmade invitations and cake-pop escort cards) so perfectly represented Dusty and Andrea. We LOVED the colors, we LOVED every single wedding professional that they chose, and we especially love Dusty and Andrea and the way they love each other. Here is their day from our point of view… Enjoy! -A&J

 photo EhrlichBLOG-1.jpg
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 photo EhrlichBLOG-87.jpg
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A BIG thank you to our amazing team of wedding friends:

Venue: McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Florals: Butterfly Petals
DJ: Desert House Productions
Officiant: Reverend Carol Giovanni
Cake: Piece of Cake
Cakepops: Ruze Cake House
Hair/Makeup: Stacey DiMickele
PhotoBooth: HIPBOOTH
Wedding Gown: Alvina Valenta from Schaffers Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: BHLDN
Groom Suits: Suit Supply Scottsdale
Beer Burro: Haul N’ Ass Productions

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  1. Veronica Martinez-Blanco says:


  2. Heilee O'Quinn Jordan says:

    Beautiful. It helps when the subjects are beauties themselves.

  3. Beer Burro says:

    Wow!! Such a fun group and the photos are stunning!

  4. Kathy Nester says:


  5. Donna Miles says:

    We were so enthralled with this awesome wedding of our step-granddaughter and her beguiling groom. They are so dear to us and their joy overflowed upon all who witnessed their precious union.These photos have captured their special day in the most beautiful way, capturing their very essence. God bless them every step along their life journey. Nana and Miles

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