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Tempe Engagement Photography: Dean + Mckenzie

November 26, 2014

We absolutely LOVE engagement sessions.

One of the main reasons we are so obsessed with them is because we are able to get so much deeper with our clients while we capture their relationship. We get to see a peak into their relationships at our meetings, but when we see them in action, walking hand in hand, talking about their day, laughing together… and working together to create beautiful pictures… we feel like we really know them. Deeply. There is no better way to get our clients to feel like themselves than to take all formalities and wedding talk out of the equation and just let them interact like they aren’t being photographed. To let them be REAL.

Dean and McKenzie did just that at their shoot this past weekend. They laughed the entire time and going through the photos, it is so refreshing to see how real they are, how happy they are, and how comfortable they are with each other. It is such a joy to be able to capture their relationship exactly how THEY know it to be. I loved every minute with these two and we cannot wait to capture more of their love story NEXT MONTH… when they say “I do” in front of everyone that they love. Enjoy! -A&J

 photo Siemion-BLOG-4.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-3.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-1.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-5.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-10.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-7.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-8.jpg
 photo Siemion-BLOG-11.jpg
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 photo Siemion-BLOG-17.jpg
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 photo Siemion-BLOG-22.jpg
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