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A Scottsdale Engagement Shoot: Brandon + Madie and Baby Brecklin

September 11, 2013

Madie and Brandon were one of the 60+ couples who were left out in the cold when Inspirador closed their doors without giving back a single penny to their brides and grooms. For those of you who are familiar with that fiasco, it was a seriously awful situation but a ton of the local wedding vendors jumped in to help out these couples. We wanted to help where we could so we told Brandon and Madie we wanted to do an engagement session for them. We know it isn’t much and it’s certainly not the same as getting their deposit back to them, but it was something we could do. Fortunately for Madie and Brandon, they are all set up at the Wright House as their new wedding venue and everything is back on schedule! We wish them many blessings on their wedding day and are so glad that we could help them in the process! Oh, and how cute is their new little girl, Brecklin?? 🙂 -A

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My first photo session EVER at the infamous LOVE sign 🙂
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 photo RichardsonBLOG-38.jpg

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  1. Abigail Gorman says:

    how adorable is that baby!! SO CUTE! and i didn’t know the LOVE sigh was here in AZ?!

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