Scottsdale Engagement Photography: Jonathan + Julie

These two are SO much fun!

When I met with Julie a few weeks ago, I immediately fell in love with her smile and her giggle. I LOVED how much personality she had and how happy and positive she was about every area of her life. We chatted for hours and by the end of our first meeting, I felt like a dear friend was sitting across the table from me, and definitely not someone I had JUST met!

Andrew and I were so excited to meet Jonathan at the engagement session and he definitely did not disappoint. These two have something special… even more than romance and friendship, they have fun together and their relationship is FULL of laughter. We were so happy watching them interact and knowing that WE had the privilege of documenting such a precious season in their lives. And can we talk about that amazing skirt from Anthropologie that Julie rocked?! I swear I was drooling the entire session! ;)

We are SO excited for their upcoming spring wedding with our awesome friends from Imoni Events! Enjoy! -A&J

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Julie Peterson - These are awesome… WE LOVE THEM!! Thank you for having so much fun with us!!! I can’t wait for April :)

Carol Ann Holck - julie I love them!!! Such a great couple

Amanda Jo Holleb - Breathtaking <3

Katie Holck - These are wonderful!! Can’t wait for your big day :)

Brandon Mallori Holck - Love love! So happy for you guys!

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