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Happy Saturday! It feels so strange to be writing a blog post on a Saturday, but Andrew and I are headed into a full day tomorrow with the second wedding of our season, so I wanted to get this post up first. I have to admit, this wedding is probably one of my favorites ever… […]

It’s Thursday! Which means we are exactly 9 days away from the start of our Spring wedding season! This spring is going to be so diverse and unique and we just can’t wait to capture (and to blog) it all! This past fall (2018) was probably our favorite wedding season thus far in our career. […]

I could not be more excited to have a blog post up! If you have been following us on social media, you know that blogging has been put on the back burner this season as we’ve had a really full season of weddings (and we are so grateful!), and blogging adds so much more time […]

It’s Thursday evening and we are knee deep in wedding season over here! We are loving every single moment of it, but we are definitely feeling the long working hours and editing time. Andrew and I are trying to get weddings showcased on our blog as quickly as possible this season so every time I […]

Abby + Jibby. One of our favorite couples in the whole world. If you knew them, they would be your favorite too. It all started back in August 2017 (14 months before their wedding), when we met them for the first time as they were interviewing wedding photographers. We made an instant connection. I remember […]

It’s Monday and we are blown away by how quickly this wedding season has flown by! So far, we have captured 10 weddings this fall and we have just 5 left to go… with each one being so completely different and unique from the last. We are so thankful for all of the diversity we […]

ADAM + CYNTHIA. I may be too emotional today to be writing this blog post, because when I think of Cynthia and Adam, I am filled with so much gratitude. Stay with me for a minute while I take you back to 2011 or 2012… somewhere in there. Andrew and I had only been in […]

Hello all! After 3 wonderful months off, our Fall wedding season has officially kicked off and we cannot wait to show you all that it has in store! I can hardly contain my excitement… this fall is going to be THAT good! Kicking off our fall season with Josh & Elizabeth’s wedding on Saturday could […]

MAGIC. I know that I say this word often on social media, but there really is no other word that could truly describe just how incredible Bobby & Makenna’s wedding day was. We anticipated their wedding for months before it happened, and now that it’s over, we still feel like we are on cloud nine […]

Happy Thursday! We are headed into another busy wedding weekend, and it’s always days like today where the editing work on our plate seems overwhelming… where we are feeling the weight of a busy season… that we stop and remember just how GRATEFUL we are for this business. I could never clearly express my deep […]