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Troon North Wedding Photography: Alex + Andrea

April 2, 2015

Alex + Andrea are such a perfect couple.

I (EmilyJade) didn’t have the opportunity to meet Alex until their engagement session, but I already knew Andrea was amazing so I was sure Alex would be too. Andrew and I were quite taken by the way these two love each other. They have known each other since middle school and while their paths kept crossing throughout the years as they attended friend’s parties and events, they never thought more about each other until one random night in college. Seeing each other again was quite a shock and almost immediately, they felt a new spark… and feelings developed quickly. They soon found out that both of their parents owned cabins in the BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe… just a block away from each other! They had grown up spending their summers near each other in Tahoe and had never realized it!

It is amazing how fate seems to bring two people together, and Alex + Andrea were definitely made for each other. We were so moved on their wedding day by their tears of joy (Alex’s too!), the way he watched his new bride as she walked down the aisle towards him, and the way their parents already treated each other like close family, spending time together throughout the day and excitedly watching their children joined in matrimony. The day was a celebration of not just beautiful love, but also one of two families joyfully joining… the way it was always supposed to be. We were SO honored to play a small role in Alex + Andrea’s story and we just know these two will have such a wonderful, fulfilling marriage! Here is their day from our point of view… enjoy! -A&J

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Congratulations Alex + Andrea! We adore you both!
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A BIG thank you to the amazing wedding professionals who helped to make this day flawless:

Venue: Troon North Golf Club (Thank you Ania!)
Florals: Flowers by Jodi
DJ: Tommy Roberts- TR Enterprises
Officiant: Scott Powell
Cake: Piece of Cake Desserts
Rentals: Karma Productions
Makeup: Makeup by Irma
Hair: Andy Biggs
Jewelry: Speak and Company
Wedding Gown: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Suit: The Clotherie
Invitations: Celebrations in Paper
Photography: Andrew&Jade Photo

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