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Windmill Winery Wedding Photography: Erik + Morgan

April 6, 2015

Erik + Morgan are amazing.

I truly mean that. Upon first meeting, they are more reserved and quiet, but once you get to know them, they are the life of the party and SO.MUCH.FUN. Andrew and I absolutely loved spending time with them in Prescott this past summer during their engagement session, and it was there that we truly got a glimpse into their love story. They met in an unlikely way… Morgan had been forced out of the house by her good friend one evening to have some fun at a local bar. She had no idea that it was that night that she would meet the man of her dreams. As Morgan sat there thinking about how much she wished she were home in her pajamas watching a good movie, Erik noticed Morgan and instantly knew he wanted to find out who she was. After some small talk, and a failed attempt to ask for her phone number, Erik found Morgan online through mutual friends, and the rest is history. Morgan played “hard to get” for a little while and suddenly, she found herself being whisked away in a love story that she was not even looking for. She fell for Erik, and she fell hard. 🙂

We absolutely loved watching these two on their wedding day as they interacted and sweetly spoke to each other. They are not only soul mates, but they are also a pillar of strength for one another, allowing each other to be exactly who they are supposed to be… and accepting each other fully in every moment. Their wedding day was just perfect start to finish, not to mention that their reception was just about the most fun we have ever had at a wedding… I don’t think that a single one of their guests went home until the end of the reception, and the dancing was out of this world. So, so fun. Here are a few of our favorites from their day… Enjoy! -A&J

 photo Nilson-IG-16.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-4.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-3.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-7.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-5.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-11.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-9.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-12.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-14.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-18.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-19.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-20.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-17.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-24.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-15.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-21.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-30.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-29.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-34.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-33.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-35.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-38.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-37.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-39.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-40.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-41.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-44.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-43.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-42.jpg
 photo NilsonBLOG-77.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-51.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-55.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-28.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-63.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-26.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-50.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-48.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-58.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-57.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-59.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-75.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-60.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-45.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-47.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-76.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-56.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-49.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-67.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-70.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-71.jpg
 photo Nilson-IG-73.jpg
Congratulations Erik + Morgan! We wish you a lifelong joyful marriage and lots of babies!! 😉 -A&J
 photo Nilson-IG-74.jpg

A BIG thank you to their amazing team of wedding professionals:

Venue- Windmill Winery (Thank you Mitzi!)
Florals- Butterfly Petals
DJ- Joel Gibbs with Ellagant Entertainment
Videography- John Manny
Photo Booth- Serendipity Photo Booth
Officiant- Tim Pacatte
Cake- Lesley’s Creative Cakes
Hair/Makeup- Salon VIP
Wedding Gown- Stella York from Uptown Bridal
Photography- Andrew&Jade Photography

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  1. Yvonne Edwards-Cowden says:


  2. Cathy Green says:

    So so gorgeous Morgan’s kind spirit and their live for one another shine thru in each and every picture

  3. Linda Nilson says:

    Absolutely Stunning Andrew Jade Photography! Tears in my eyes as I’m reliving the very moments! Great Job!

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