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Nick + Elizabeth: A Chase Field Engagement Session

October 23, 2013

It was like a typical date for Nick and Elizabeth, that’s what was so perfect about their engagement session. It wasn’t in the desert somewhere or in a picture perfect field, it was at the places that are near to their hearts and at the center of their relationship; going to ball games at Chase Field, catching a Suns game, and grabbing dinner at the Arrogant Butcher. Elizabeth told us at dinner that sometimes the plan was to grab a bite and go to the game, but they just stayed at the restaurant and talked instead. 🙂 We met up with them at the front steps of Chase Field and just hung out, as though it was a double-date. We ended up grabbing dinner together after their shoot at the Arrogant Butcher so that’s exactly what it turned into 🙂 They invited us into their world to capture their relationship and we came along for a fun evening of hanging out at Chase Field and dinner at their favorite downtown restaurant… it was perfect, and it was completely ‘them’. Nick and Elizabeth, we are thrilled for you guys and cannot wait to be there for your wedding in a couple weeks! -A&J

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