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Monterra at Westworld Wedding Photography: Kiel + Liz

October 18, 2013

It’s not every day that we meet a couple who we connect with so instantaneously. Jade (who they know as Emily) met Kiel and Liz well before I did, and she told me all about them and how I was going to absolutely LOVE their engagement session! She said Liz was the most adorable and stunning bride to be, and Kiel wasn’t too bad looking himself (“Jade-speak” for he’s really good-looking ;). And of course, she was right! Not only did we have this awesome and immediate connection, Liz is gorgeous and Kiel, well, he’s not so bad looking either 🙂 In short, we all became good friends. Did we say we love our job…?

Their love story sounds like the plot to a movie. 🙂 He’s the firefighter, she’s the nurse. One of Kiel’s coworkers (who was also one of the bridesmaids) was a constant acquaintance of Liz’s after a lot of occupational trips to the hospital, being a firefighter herself. After getting to know Liz for a while, it donned on her that Liz and Kiel would make the perfect match. By the end of their first date, Kiel and Liz knew that they had found something special. They talked about what was important in life and in marriage to each of them and hit it off right away. Since then, it’s been “Kiel and Liz”, and on Saturday, they displayed their deep love for one another by committing the rest of their lives to each other… it was nothing short of perfection.

Kiel and Liz, we are so glad to have walked along side of you through the wedding planning process over the past year. We are glad to call you friends, and we know that you are going to have an incredible, life-long marriage. Bring on the babies!! Love you guys! -A&J

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A BIG thank you to these incredible vendors who made this day so perfect:
VENUE- Monterra at Westworld//FLORIST-Crazy Daisy//DJ- Marcus from Ray the DJ //CATERING- Michaels Catering//RENTALS- Modern Revival Rentals//DRESS- Almond Tree Boutique//HAIR- Kristin Tate//MAKEUP- Annie Frankel//CAKE- Connie Lenski

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