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I could not be more excited to have a blog post up! If you have been following us on social media, you know that blogging has been put on the back burner this season as we’ve had a really full season of weddings (and we are so grateful!), and blogging adds so much more time […]

As I am sitting down to write out this post, I cannot believe that we are already halfway through our spring wedding season! And 2017 is already 1/4 of the way over! Where has the time gone?? Mike and Jessica’s wedding will always be one of our favorites. First, let me give a shout out […]

The first moment I heard Alli’s sweet voice on the phone with her thick Texas accent, I knew I loved her. She used the word “y’all” probably 30 times in that 30 minutes and I smiled from ear to ear every time I heard it. I have yet to meet a Texan that I didn’t […]

I am SO excited to be posting this engagement session today! I honestly can’t pin-point what it is about this particular session that I LOVE so much. Maybe it’s the way that Andrew perfectly lined up these photos in this post to make it feel like a flowing and unfolding story. Or maybe it’s because […]

Oh the CHEMISTRY! Give me ALL the heart eyes for these two! This engagement session was a dream! The perfect setting and the most amazing couple who are undeniably in love- so much so that they actually shine when they are together. We laughed until we cried with these two, and just looking back on […]

Ahhh, we are still on cloud nine over this incredible styled wedding shoot that we had the privilege of photographing. We have been keeping it a secret as we waited as patiently as we could to see it grace the online presence of one of our favorite wedding blogs ever, RUFFLED! Our dream came true […]