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El Chorro Wedding Photography: Nelson + Erika

March 9, 2017

It’s Thursday night! Which means it’s almost the weekend for you, and almost time for us to shoot our 9th wedding of the season on Saturday! I have said it before, but it really has been such a magical season so far… we are so happy that we still have two months left of wedding season with beautiful Arizona weather!

I have to be honest, I have sat down to write this blog post several times this week, and I have given up many times. Part of me cannot believe this wedding is over- as Andrew and I anticipated it for almost a full year. Over that year- I grew to love Erika and Nelson so deeply. And part of me cannot find the words… the correct words to really express my heart on paper when my heart is bursting at the seams. I love every single one of our couples so much, but every once in a while, there’s a special couple… the kind of couple that makes US feel so appreciated and valued. The type of couple that texts me to see how I am doing out of the blue, or who sends me selfies of herself, or who would drive from Tucson to Phoenix to have breakfast with me instead of chatting over the phone and doesn’t bat an eyelash when I have to change plans on her last minute. The moment we met Erika and Nelson, we didn’t just gain incredible wedding clients, we gained friends. And the type of friends who put people above things, memories above details, and genuine laughter above just about anything else. They are two of the most joyful and confident people I have ever met, and I could not say enough about these two. They inspire us.

The wedding day was everything Erika and Nelson hoped for… and more. From the calm of the getting ready room, to the beautiful and emotional first look (see below!), to the rain that crept in and out of the forecast… sprinkling just enough to make the weather perfect and for us to get some fun umbrella shots, to the laughter during the ceremony, to the cheering from the guests, to the adorable choreographed first dance that made everyone clap and giggle, to the way Erika and Nelson made sure to hug and love on each and every one of their guests… it was a wedding more personal and genuine than we have ever seen, and we felt like so much more than just photographers there… we felt like welcomed and loved guests. We are so thankful for these two.

Erika and Nelson, thank you for how fearlessly you love and for the way you deeply respect each other, yourselves, and everyone around you. You are truly a “power couple” and we feel honored to know you… -A&EJ


Wedding Planning: Danielle Goettl with Outstanding Occasions
Venue Coordinator: Lindsey Rendon

Venue: El Chorro | Florals & Decor: Carte Blanche Design | Bride’s Makeup: Herself | Bridesmaid’s Makeup: AZ Glitz Girls | Hair: Bo Stegall | Wedding Gown: Olia Zavozina | Ceremony Musician: Roger Paull | Officiant: Mike Kennedy | DJ: David Bailey | Cinematographer: Beth Callahan | Stationery: | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

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