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Scottsdale Engagement Photography: Tyler + Elizabeth

March 9, 2016

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I am so excited to post this session today because I think in our culture, Wednesdays seem to be the day where we all need a little boost. If you are anything like me today, you need an extra cup of coffee, a pep talk, and maybe even a long nap. You need to be re-inspired and energized and that is exactly what this engagement session does for us. Andrew captured Tyler and Elizabeth without me as I was swamped with meetings that day, but as I go through these photos, one word keeps coming to mind: LIFE. The gentle walking, the joyfulness on their faces, the wind blowing, the very obvious intimacy that they share, the beautiful desert landscape… it just screams LIFE to me.

As artists, we do not strive to just create a pretty photo, the perfect pose, and the perfect composition. Andrew and I strive to capture LIFE. Real moments. We want to document a relationship as it happens, and we want you to FEEL something when you look at our photos. Tyler and Elizabeth were naturals in front of the camera. It’s as if they were not even being photographed as they lovingly chatted and adventured through the desert. They are exactly what we want our work to represent. We just love these two! And we LOVE our job! -A&EJ

 photo AllenBLOG-8.jpg
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