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This is where we post the latest of our client's photos. Take a look and see what we have been up to.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Anniversary sessions are our favorite. I mean, really. The only thing better than young love and new commitment, is OLDER love…. and deeper commitment. Mel, Andy & their marriage has been a blessing to everyone around them. It is evident even through social media how loved and cared for they are, how respected they are […]

A few days ago, we met up with Tim and Katie at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. We chatted about waiting to do their engagement session until the weather cooled off, but Katie decided to just go for it… what’s a little heat?? Especially if we mostly had the gardens to ourselves! The Botanical […]

We had such a blast with this adorable couple! When we chatted about locations for their engagement session, they had one requirement: Desert and as many cacti as we could find. We LOVE when our clients request the Desert because obviously… there are a lot of places to choose from here and we just LOVE […]

Chad + Sabrina are so in love. I mean, seriously. When we start an engagement session, we always tell the couple that they are likely going to feel awkward for the first 10-15 min until they get into a groove and then once they find it, it will be a blast. Chad and Sabrina were […]

The moment Kerry and Xima sat down across from me (Andrew) at a coffee shop in Tempe, I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding. I had to 🙂 It’s not every meeting that I click so well with a couple. Everyone who knows them knows that they are the kindest, most genuine and wonderful […]

John + Chelsea are SO much fun. And by fun, I mean FUN. They are so happy, and have so much drive for life. As you can see by the photos below, they are so much more than just lovers, they are truly best friends. The fun they have together is mind-blowing… I mean really. […]

Today we are over the moon! It’s only 9:20am and I have already received texts and emails from 3 different brides that we adore all saying wonderful things that made us so happy. Days like today confirm again and again that we have the best job in the world. And we seriously scored the lottery […]

We love Gus + Brinde. And their precious baby girl Knightley. They are such kindred souls to us. We love their sense of adventure. The joy that they carry with them, how laid back and genuine they are, and the way that they love each other and sweet Knightley. We had so much fun exploring […]

Dante + Kat are so special to us. They have been together since high school and they have the kind of love where they knew immediately, deep down, and at a young age that they would be together forever. You see these kinds of relationships in the movies, but it is not often that you […]

Johnny + Kristin are our favorites. Do we say that about all of our couples? Maybe. But we really, really love these two. The moment I met Kristin, I knew I HAD to capture her wedding day!! I loved her immediately, I love her laid back and genuine personality, her excitement for life, and especially […]