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Desert Mountain Wedding Photography: Taylor + Sarah

June 4, 2017

Hi all! I cannot believe it is already Saturday… and we are halfway through June! Where has the time gone??

This blog post is WAY overdue… It’s almost embarrassing how overdue it really is. We moved out of our home a couple of weeks ago and we still don’t have internet access at our new place. Every time I think we finally have it, there is some kind of problem and it still hasn’t been fixed. So here I am, stealing WIFI from Starbucks to get this posted. 😉

I need to start by saying how amazing Taylor and Sarah are… without even meeting us, they chose to book us for their wedding, and when we finally met, they hugged us like they had known us for years… like we were good friends. We have never felt so loved and appreciated as we did by these two. Sarah flashed me a smile about 10 times on her wedding day and said “I am so glad you guys are here.” WOW. What an honor. There is nothing like being and FEELING appreciated for something Andrew and I pour our hearts into every single day.

Taylor and Sarah are absolutely perfect for each other. Their presence calms the other, they mutually respect and support each other, and they smile… oh they smile! They smile so big when they are together that even their eyes are joyful! I’ll stop here and let you get to know them and their beautiful story better through the images below. Enjoy! -EJ

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A HUGE thank you to our AMAZING wedding team:

Wedding Planning & Design: Kate Clayton with Sip + Twirl Event Planning
Venue Coordination: Amanda Hughes

Wedding Venue: Desert Mountain Outlaw Golf Club | Florals + Decor: Fiori Floral | Hair/Makeup: Icon Hair Architecture | Musicians: Lucky Devils Band | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

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