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McCormick Ranch Wedding Photography: Gus + Brinde

December 22, 2015

I can remember the exact moment that I met Brinde. Andrew and I were set up at a venue open house, and so many newly engaged couples shook our hands and exchanged conversation with us. About halfway through the event, Brinde entered the scene, and I don’t recall if it was her beautiful smile that left a lasting impression, or the fact that she was pushing a stroller with a newborn baby inside… she just had that “new mom” glow and she was captivating. I don’t even think I asked her about her wedding or her plans, we talked about how wonderful motherhood was, and what a precious treasure she had in that stroller that day. There truly is nothing better than becoming a mom for the first time.

A few weeks later when I received a wedding inquiry from Brinde and Gus, immediately I remembered her and jumped for joy! I probably creepishly (is that a word? :)) wrote her our first email and said “I remember you! You are the mom of that gorgeous baby!” We met for coffee and the rest is history. We absolutely LOVE the planning process with all of our couples, but Brinde and Gus’ planning process was especially precious for us as we were able to help them to find their venue, and even more than that: we got to be a part of so much more than just their wedding planning. We got to watch them navigate being parents their first year, see how smitten they were with little Knightley… we got to see Knightley grow and change, and each time we saw Gus + Brinde, they were more calm, more comfortable, and even more joyful… as if that were possible! They are two of the most genuine and joyful people that we have met, and every moment with this little family left us feeling so blessed… and reminded us that even amidst the chaos and the struggle, there is SUCH JOY in being a parent. Every moment is precious.

Their wedding day was packed full of emotion from the bride and groom, to the guests, to little Knightley who tried SO hard to be happy in the midst of a mixed up nap schedule and LOTS of people googling over her! Just under a year ago, Brinde told me that her one wish for her wedding day was that Knightley would be walking (the date was set just after her first birthday), and that she could walk down the aisle all by herself. Brinde’s wish was granted as her confident little girl strolled down the aisle… and then back up the aisle… and then down the aisle again picking up flower petals and making every wedding guest cry with laughter. What a joyous day it was!! Congratulations you three… you deserve every happiness in the world and we adore you!! -A&J

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The vendors who made this wedding so perfect:

Wedding Venue: McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Florist: Paradise Valley Florist
Officiant: Tim Serrano
Ceremony Musicians: He Said, She Said
Hair: Salon Do or Dye
Makeup: Makeup by Brooke Nicole
Wedding Gown: Allure by Kairas Bridal
Groom Suit: Hugo Boss- Nordstrom
Bride’s Shoes: Hallogen
Invitations: Sweet Designs from ETSY
Band: Sapphire Sky
Cake + Desserts: Ruze Cake House
Videographer: Scott Jakeway
Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

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