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Sedona Engagement Photography: Brett + Sarrah

August 13, 2015

We love these two.

After their original engagement session plans were changed because of heavy rain, we chose a new day only to find that a week later, the forecast showed heavy rain there again! We switched locations last minute, and prayed that the sky would open up and provide us with some gorgeous light! When we arrived in Sedona on Saturday, the weather changed within minutes, and the day turned into the most beautiful day we have ever seen in Sedona! It was glorious! The first half of their session was sunny and vibrant, and the second half was stormy and moody.. it was a photographer’s dream!

We were so impressed by how laid back and excited these two were about every little thing. If we could describe our dream clients in a few words… it would be “Sarrah and Brett”. The laughter, the way they love each other, how much fun we had together, how easy-going and wonderful they were throughout the entire shoot, how they understood and appreciated our sarcasm and silliness… we already know that we adore the daylights out of this couple! And if would were not already excited enough, we are over the moon about their upcoming February wedding with the talented ladies from Imoni Events! It is going to be an incredible day! 🙂 -A&J

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  1. Shelly Chu says:

    Sarrah and Brett pictures are so beautiful!!! Wow!! U did a great job taking pictures of them. Amazing!! Sarrah is my favorite niece. Congrats on ur great job. Wish I could copy some of it.

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