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El Chorro Wedding Photography: Andrew + Hillary

March 9, 2015

Andrew + Hillary have such an exciting love story!

A friend of Hillary’s told her that she knew someone who would be the perfect match for her! Hillary was intrigued and obviously trusted her friend completely when she decided to take a chance, get a passport, and fly from Chicago, IL to Toronto, Canada where Andrew lived. What’s even more exciting is that their first date was a BLIND DATE and they knew nothing about each other beforehand! It was leap of faith but something inside of her told her that it was the right thing to go.

As soon as Hillary and Andrew locked eyes with each other, they both knew immediately, at that exact moment that this was the person they had both been waiting for. They knew marriage was in their future… and the rest was history!

Over the course of their long distance dating life, they never went more than 3 weeks without seeing each other (it helped that Hillary is a flight attendant!), and when their wedding day arrived, they were more excited to marry each other than just about any couple we have ever seen. Their day was full of romantic laughter, lots of people who absolutely love them both, and not to mention, an AMAZING team of wedding professionals who helped to pull Hillary’s vision together so perfectly.

We were SO honored to be a part of their day and to witness these two beautiful souls become ONE! A huge shout out to our friend, Denise, who helped us to document their special day! Thank you! Here is their love story from our point of view… Enjoy! -A&J

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 photo GrahamBLOG2-131.jpg
 photo GrahamBLOG2-135.jpg

Wedding Planner: Samantha with Imoni Events
Venue: El Chorro (Thank you Lindsey!)
Linens: La Tavola Linens
Florals: Blume Events
Officiant: Liz O’Brien with Joyful Unions
Music: Jaxon Williams Music
Cake: Danielle Burr
MUAH: Ashley and Courtney

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