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El Chorro Wedding Photography: Austin + Molly

November 11, 2014

Austin + Molly’s wedding day was a dream to photograph.

Andrew first connected with Austin and Molly several months ago and came home beaming. He kept saying “You are going to love them. They are amazing!” They planned their wedding day from afar (they live in L.A.)… with the help of the lovely and talented Danielle from Outstanding Occasions. Because of the distance, we did not have the opportunity to capture their engagement photos so we were especially anxious and excited for their wedding day.

Everything went perfectly. From the calm and quiet room Molly got ready in, to the tears shed during their first look, to the decor, the music, the cake, the incredible wedding professionals that they chose to be a part of their day… it was perfect. Not to mention the deep regard these two have for each other. When you watch them together, it’s as if no one else is in the room… their love is something deep and beautiful.

Congratulations Austin + Molly! We were so honored to be a part of your day and we wish you all the happiness in the world! -A&J

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Thank you to the following wedding professionals who made this day perfect in every way!

Venue: El Chorro (Thank you Lindsey Rendon!!)

Wedding Planner- Danielle Goettl, assistant Katie and team with Outstanding Occasions

Hair: Tristan Newton, Stylist
Makeup: Lizzy Marsh Makeup Artist

Videography: Zomei Film Stories

Florals: The Flower Studio

DJ: Drea with Desert House Productions

Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linens, Classic Party Rentals, Inspired Environments

Ceremony Musicians: Sweetwater Strings

Officiant: Bruce Neckels

Beer Burro: Haul N Ass Productions

Cake: Ruze Cake House

Stationary: Vee Creative

PhotoBooth: Posharazzi

Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

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  1. Kathy Nester says:

    GORGEOUS WEDDING! And you are a very creative photographer!

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