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Scottsdale Engagement Photography: Kerry + Xima at El Chorro

October 2, 2014

Kerry and Xima were a dream to photograph. The minute I met them for our first meeting, I sensed a kindness and a gentleness about them that drew me to them immediately. They are the kind of people that no matter what it takes, you want to be friends with and you need in your life. The way they interact and the love they have for each other is amazing to witness and even more fun to photograph. We had such a blast with these two and we cannot wait for their upcoming Spring wedding! Here are some of our favorites from their engagement session! -A

 photo BrudosBLOG-10.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-13.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-8.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-4.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-21.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-6.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-7.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-3.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-30.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-32.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-23.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-33.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-34.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-1.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-5.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-15.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-17.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-35.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-27.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-22.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-29.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-18.jpg
 photo BrudosBLOG-28.jpg

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  1. Debbie Wade says:

    Cutest couple of the decade….. love them both and can’t wait for Xima to be part of this family.

  2. Raneir Pollard says:

    Just so perfect!!! I love the shot of you two laughing. That’s how I see you two when I think of you. 🙂

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