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Prescott Wedding Photography: Chas + Christine

August 19, 2014

The one word that comes to mind when we think about Chas & Christine is: Fun. Fun, fun, and fun again!

We met with these two last year after they were referred to us by one of our favorite people in the world (ahem… Austin…ahem). Austin is one of the most fun people we have ever been around… especially at weddings, so we knew going into our first meeting with Chas and Christine that we would love them instantly. And we were right.

Chas and Christine are the type of couple that everyone wants to be just like. They are comfortable around each other… their relationship isn’t overly cheesy or underly affectionate… it is the perfect mix of romance and friendship. They love spending time together, they laugh even more than they talk, and they have a {big} loyal group of friends and family who adore the daylights out of them.

Taking the weekend to get out of the heat and head up north to one of our favorite places in Arizona was a very welcome mini-vacation for us. Their gorgeous wedding venue- Van Dickson Ranch- was a 20+ minute drive to the middle of what seemed like nowhere and the views were breathtaking. The venue sits on farm land in a small valley overlooking majestic mountains and an array of greenery. We loved photographing every minute.

Chas + Christine: your wedding truly represented you both, your friendship, your passion, and your love of life. And watching everyone you love celebrating on the dance floor with you in a tent under the stars in a big open field was truly magical. It was such an honor to be a part of it all.


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  1. Brenda Sharrah DeLawyer says:

    Beautiful!!! Congrats Chaz, your bride is beautiful!!

  2. Karyn Vogt says:

    perfect beautiful fabulous! congratulations to a wonderful life together!

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