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San Francisco Engagement Photography: Jeff + Xiang

July 29, 2014

 photo GhoBLOG-51.jpg

Wow, San Francisco! Have we ever had more fun?!

We met Jeff and Xiang several months ago on a Skype phone call (They live in SF) and I knew we HAD to capture their wedding day! You see, we are booked solid this fall with weddings (Thank you, Lord) and we started to turn away new wedding inquiries which we HATE doing… we REALLY wish we could shoot every single wedding that inquires. Something about Xiang’s sweet demeanor and soft voice on the Skype call, the way they described their love story, and the way they giggled together as they told it made me instantly jump out of my skin wanting to shoot one of the biggest, happiest, most important day of their lives!

Since they are having a destination wedding here in AZ, they told us they wanted their engagement photos done in San Francisco to really represent that part of their relationship and the land that they LOVE living in. If you know us, you know we look for any opportunity to travel and explore, so we said YES!!, we made our plans, and the rest is history!

As soon as we arrived into town, we spent the entire day with these two… Burmese Food for lunch at one of their favorite local eateries, traveling all over the city together for their engagement session, laughing, chatting… and chatting more, and finishing off the evening together with Sushi for dinner and a walk near the beautiful new lights on the Bay Bridge… it was all such a dream. We fell in love with these two and we think their November wedding cannot come soon enough!! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Scheila Newton says:

    Amazing! Andy, you and Em did a beautiful job doing what you both do so well together… love the photos can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! 🙂

  2. Jason Fleming says:

    Wow!!!! Gorgeous couple, love how you captured the city

  3. Abigail Gorman says:

    these are AMAZING!

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