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Flagstaff Engagement Photography: Johnny + Kristin

July 28, 2014

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Kristin is my soul sister.

This is EmilyJade typing in case you hadn’t guessed. 😉 At our first meeting, we couldn’t help but talk about every little detail about her wedding, her life, her love story, and everything in between. My typical one hour coffee date turned into two hours and then some… I didn’t want to leave.

When Kristin started talking about her thoughts for her engagement session, my heart beat faster. You see, I like to call myself a free spirit. I prefer to be barefoot. I usually only wear dresses… simplicity is all I need, and I LOVE truly enjoying God’s majestic creation in as many different lands as possible. Kristin’s exact words for her ideal engagement shoot were: “I just want to be in a white dress in a beautiful field. With my hair blowing in the wind… and barefoot.” I looked at her stunned and if I didn’t love her already, that sealed the deal for me! 🙂

We had the time of our lives driving up to Flagstaff last week and meeting Johnny and Kristin in an open field. It was a blank slate for us and we were free to use our creativity however we liked. We laughed, we ran, we let the wind blow in our hair, and we created magic with these two.

Enjoy! And be looking out for their incredible wedding blog post coming next year… we can’t wait!!

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