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Prescott Engagement Photography: Chris + Natalie

July 23, 2014

 photo GreenfieldBLOG-48.jpg

Chris + Natalie. What more can we say about a couple that we fell in love with long before we met!?

We met these two on a blurry Skype call several months ago when they were still looking for a wedding photographer. They live near New York City, but are having a breathtaking Sedona wedding soon. As soon as Natalie came on the screen, I knew she was someone I wanted not just to work with, but to be friends with. Her contagious laughter, spunky personality, and genuine love of people and life is so evident… and so moving! She is true gem. Chris is just as wonderful with his hardworking qualities, his quiet demeanor and genuine eyes… the way he smiles at Natalie. We could have photographed these two all day long… and we wish we could have! We will let these photos speak for themselves as you can see how truly in love and happy these two incredible souls are. We are very impatient (and GIDDY!) for their upcoming fall wedding to get them in front of our cameras once again!! 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Carol Matthews Worgull says:


  2. Emily Acklin-Betzler says:

    These pictures are amazing! We can’t wait for the wedding either.

  3. Amanda Miles says:

    You are both so regal and the love you have for each other is shining through in every photo. Love you two!

  4. Karen Stewart says:

    Beautiful pics!

  5. Barbara Kozlowski says:

    Wow, a beautiful couple in a beautiful place, How can you go wrong?

  6. Nina Danowski says:

    what a darling couple.

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