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Silverleaf Wedding Photography: Nate + AmyAnn

May 9, 2014

There was something so special about this wedding.

It was gorgeous, no doubt, but what captured our love for this particular event wasn’t the decorations and the beautiful scenery (which Silverleaf Golf Club offers plenty of). It had everything to do with the bride and the groom themselves who had found a second chance at love, as well as their collective 5 children that they have brought together to become one family. There were no shortage of tears throughout the day shared by everyone, whether AmyAnn’s bridesmaids were helping her into her stunning wedding gown, both Nate and AmyAnn seeing their kids looking more grown up than ever in their wedding attire, or Nate seeing his bride descend the long staircase at the ceremony and looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her before. There were a LOT of tears 🙂 Still, that does not quite sum up why this wedding was so special to us. It’s hard to completely explain it; it was more of a peaceful and loving environment created by this incredibly unique family, with Nate and his 3 kids and AmyAnn and her 2 kids all joining in to officially become one big family. We have all seen the movies and tv shows centered around families like this. Marsha and Jan fighting it out with Greg and Peter for territory of the house, for instance 🙂 There are a ton of other examples but the storyline is always the same, where essentially the house becomes a war zone between the 2 sides who eventually come to like each other. But you should have seen this family on the wedding day. You would have never known which kids belonged to who, they were truly a complete family. AmyAnn kissed and hugged every single one of the 5 children as if she had birthed them all. There were no favorites, it was obvious they were all loved equally. We especially LOVED the way that AmyAnn’s boys respect Nate like a father. This family is what made the day so special for us. The whole day was beautiful and we were honored to capture everything for them.

Nate and Amyann, we wish you and your new family many blessings and happiness. Your love is inspiring and teaches everyone that they truly can have a second chance at love… and it can be better than ever. 🙂 Here is their wedding story told by us, enjoy! -A&J

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Before they made their marriage official, Nate and Amyann brought each one of their kids out one at a time and gave them a special gift with their name on it. Each gift was inside a personalized box with their last name on it, saying that although they are becoming one family, it isn’t changing who they are individually. It was beautiful to see 🙂
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Amyann surprised Nate with a bagpipe player right after their first kiss. 🙂
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Nate, unbeknownst to Amyann, had set up a fireworks show for his new wife and all of their guests. We felt important because we were part of only a handful of people who were let in on the secret. We had everyone come outside for what they thought was going to be a group photo. They were completely surprised when the fireworks exploded over the 18th green, Amyann more shocked than anyone. I thought it amazing that they both successfully surprised each other with amazing and thoughtful gifts. I don’t know how they did it, but it was perfect 🙂
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Venue:  Silverleaf Golf Club // Wedding Coordinator: Allison Noelle Events // Catering:  Silverleaf Golf Club // Videography:  Jordan Allen // Florist: Lux Florist // Cake: Wilde Cakes // DJ: Desert House Productions // Photo Booth: Oh La La // Officiant: Patrick Sullivan // MUAH: Jessica Adarme and Alayna Card // Dress: Casa Blanca // Tux: Jose Banks  String Quartet: String Serenade

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  1. Lisa Metsopolos says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am sooooo happy for you Amy Ann!

  2. Carolyn Jackson Hughes says:

    This was the most beutiful weeding I have ever seen and the happiest couple I have ever seen. I love you both very much and all of your children. They are all precious. Gmom

  3. Csilla Bigham says:

    Wow…looks like it was a wonderful day! Congratulations and we wish you much love and happiness together. Alex & Csilla.

  4. Desert House Productions Inc. says:

    Great stuff as always, amigos! Fun wedding!

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