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Phoenix Art Museum Wedding: Phil + Elise

January 8, 2014

“Are you ready to see your groom?” She looked at me with a whole array of emotions, excitement and anticipation at the front of the list. I (Andrew) have been working with Phil and Elise since August and everything had led up to this point; the moment that they would get to see each other on their wedding day. All the planning, the details, the preparations, and hard work had finally come to an end. It was time to see if it would pay off. I, of course, knew that it was going to be an amazing day, but as a bride I am sure it is a little more nerve wracking going into your OWN wedding day. Especially when you are moments away from your groom seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress. Elise was nervous but ready… Once she saw Phil, the rest of the day was going to be a piece of cake!

She walked out into the courtyard where Phil was waiting, his back turned so he couldn’t see her.  He waited for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was little more than a couple minutes, for that tap on the shoulder that would let him know he could turn to see his soon-to-be wife. As she walked up behind him, I could almost read the look on her face that said ‘this is it, no turning back now’. She touched his shoulder and he turned to see her, the woman he knew so well looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her before. He was overwhelmed.  For a few short moments before the craziness of the wedding day caught them up, they were completely alone in that courtyard.  Phil is not an overly expressive guy, but it was written all over his face; ‘ Today I get to marry her’.   For the both of them, the rest of the day was a blur of excitement and joy. It was so fun to capture, I’ll tell you that much 🙂

Phil and Elise, we are so thrilled for both of you and cannot believe how fast your wedding day came and went! You both are a perfect fit and we wish you a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness on your new journey together. For us, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out 2013 so thank you for the honor of capturing your special day!

I was thrilled to have Jenna Bush from Yellow Fields Photography working with me on this wedding as my second photographer. Also,  a huge thank you to one of our favorites, Andrea Leslie with Andrea Leslie Weddings and Events for putting together yet another AMAZING wedding day!

 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-2.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-1.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-3.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-5.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-10.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-4.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-33.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-13.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-12.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-8.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-14.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-15.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-18.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-19.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-16.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-20.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-23.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-27.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-35.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-29.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-21.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-22.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-26.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-28.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-31.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-34.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-36.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-37.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-38.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-109.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-53.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-39.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-40.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-42.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-44.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-43.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-45.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-49.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-46.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-47.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-54.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-51.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-50.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-52.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-55.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-56.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-57.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-59.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-63.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-65.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-66.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-67.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-68.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-70.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-71.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-72.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-74.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-75.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-73.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-76.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-77.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-112.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-113.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-78.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-80.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-82.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-60.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-61.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-84.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-62.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-85.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-110.jpg
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 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-87.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-88.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-89.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-91.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-95.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-94.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-96.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-97.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-101.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-100.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-99.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-103.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-104.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-106.jpg
 photo CheungWeddingBLOG-102.jpg

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  1. Jill says:

    WOW!!! This is such an awesome venue and you guys took serious advantage of some awesome backdrops!!! I love the photo of the water coming down in front of them, and of course the shot from straight above during the ceremony! AWESOME!!!

  2. Patty Mae Knutson says:


  3. Emily Tien Pham says:

    Super love seeing your beautiful day all wrapped up in pictures! Congrats to you both Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cheung :)).

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