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Phil + Elise: A Tempe Engagement Session

October 1, 2013

It’s obvious that he adores her. It was one of the first things I noticed when I met Phil and Elise for the first time. We drank iced tea and they told me how they met in college and fell in love. Now, years later, their relationship has only grown and they are excited to solidify it with wedding vows. They are having a modern wedding at The Phoenix Art Museum, so it was only natural to have a modern engagement photo session as well. We met up at Tempe Center for the Arts on Saturday and had a blast walking around and creating images that captured the essence of their relationship and just how much fun they have together 🙂 Phil and Elise, I am so excited for December; I can’t wait to capture your big day! -A

 photo CheungES-BLOG-2.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-3.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-1.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-5.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-4.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-7.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-8.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-10.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-11.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-12.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-13.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-14.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-16.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-17.jpg
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 photo CheungES-BLOG-32.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-33.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-35.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-30.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-36.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-37.jpg
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 photo CheungES-BLOG-45.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-48.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-49.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-50.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-51.jpg
 photo CheungES-BLOG-23.jpg

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