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Engagement Session at the Phoenician: Stronz + Kate

August 15, 2013

It’s fun to watch them because they just fit together; he makes her laugh and her beautiful smile shows how much they enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 When Emily and I first met Stronz and Kate for coffee, we were so excited at the opportunity to shoot their wedding! They are a down-to-earth, easy-to-relate-to couple and we had a great time getting to know them. We work closely with Kate’s sister Sara, who is part of one of the top wedding design companies in Arizona, Some Like It Classic! We always LOVE working with them, so for us it was an added bonus that we clicked so well with Stronz and Kate 🙂 I met them at the Phoenician for their engagement session on Monday and we braved the Phoenix heat to create these photos to capture their relationship. We had a blast and I am super excited for their wedding in March! Here are a few of their photos, enjoy! -A

 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-1.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-3.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-5.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-10.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-8-2.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-2.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-6.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-11.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-12.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-14.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-15.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-16.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-18.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-17.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-20.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-24.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-21.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-22.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-33-2.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-26.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-25.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-29.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-28.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-34.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-37.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-31.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-35.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-38.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-41.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-42.jpg
 photo Vanderploeg-ES-BLOG-44.jpg

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  1. There is so much love oozing from these pictures!!! It warms my heart to see your clients’ engagement sessions then their weddings, I must admit I cry, I smile, I laugh and then wish I was at their parties to dance the night away in celebration of their big day!!! Great job guys!!

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