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A Sedona Engagement Session: Jason + Jessica

August 14, 2013

Emily and I love heading up north. It’s hot in Phoenix so we like getting out of the valley to enjoy some cooler weather in Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott, or wherever else our photo sessions take us. For Jason and Jessica, they wanted something natural for a background to their engagement photos, not buildings and railroad tracks. We prefer nature to anything else so we were all for that!

Meeting Jason and Jessica for the first time, I was really impressed by their ability to get comfortable in front of the camera. Jessica said they don’t like taking photos because they are both awkward in front of the camera, but you would never know it from their photo shoot. They warmed up in no time and the 4 of us had a blast exploring some of Sedona’s most beautiful areas. Here are their photos, enjoy and we are looking forward to their wedding in March! -A

 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-5.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-2-2.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-33.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-6.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-8.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-9.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-11.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-12.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-14.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-15.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-21.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-34.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-24.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-23.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-17.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-19.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-27.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-40.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-41.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-30.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-35.jpg
 photo Haines-ES-BLOG-31.jpg

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