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Dallas + Hahna: A Mini E-Session

August 2, 2013

Hahna is Emily’s younger sister. I remember Hahna when she was just a little kid, so it’s hard to believe that one week from today she is going to walk the aisle at her wedding. It’s amazing how time flies! Her siblings have a hard time seeing her as anything but the baby of the family, because it seems like just yesterday when they called her Curly Q Spanky (sorry Hahna, I had to say it! 🙂 and she was bouncing around with that cute little smile! 🙂 But now we see her; she is in love, she’s getting married, and in less than 2 months she is moving to Japan for the next 3 years where Dallas is being stationed. Our little Hahna is all grown up 🙂 Since they have hardly any pictures together, they wanted to do a few photos before their wedding day. We headed out to Verrado and did a mini engagement session, just the three of us. It was great to get to know Dallas a bit more and see their relationship. It’s hard for all of us knowing that we aren’t going to see Hahna for so long; Temple and Wyatt are going to miss her so much, we all will. It’s going to be an adjustment, but we are still excited for you, Hahna, and your new adventure. Love you guys! 🙂 -A

 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-1.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-6.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-4.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-9.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-3.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-7.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-15.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-10.jpg
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 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-20.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-22.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-24.jpg
 photo DallasHahnaES-BLOG-28.jpg
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