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A Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding: Travis + Jenna

July 8, 2013

It was raining nearly ALL DAY… but it really didn’t matter. We saw the forecast several days before the wedding, and we were all PRAYING and hoping that it wouldn’t be rainy and stormy like it said it would be! A week before, it said it was going to be 70 and sunny. A couple days after that, it said 66 and rainy… then 56… then all the way down to 49 and rainy and cold and just flat out crummy weather 🙂 On the day of the wedding, though, even though it was wet and cold it didn’t seem to matter one bit. As I have been working on these photos and putting together a final package for Travis and Jenna, the weather made the photos all the more REAL and AMAZING 🙂

Travis and Jenna have such a unique way about them; it’s obvious that they truly adore each other, but it’s something more than that. I saw it in their faces when Jenna was walking down the aisle. She and Travis had already seen each other because they did a first look, but the expressions on their faces told another story; like a little boy and girl getting to see fireworks at Disneyland for the first time, or when something magical happens that was unexpected and catches you off guard, that’s what it was like. For Travis and Jenna, it was the magic of the moment because they were finally here at the altar and the surreal moment of 2 becoming one. Marriage is such a phenomenal thing and cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. So when Travis and Jenna experienced marriage for the first time in that moment, it was written all over their faces.

We had such an amazing trip with Travis, Jenna, and all of our friends (we have quite a few friends in common). It was such a great time making new friends as well and sharing in all the fun that happened that day! We will keep this one tucked away among other favorites for the long haul, I am sure of it 🙂 -A

 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-73.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-1.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-6.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-7.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-3.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-5.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-4.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-8.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-10.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-9.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-12.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-13.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-116.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-14.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-56.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-57.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-18.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-16.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWedding-26-2.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-20.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-25.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-27.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-19.jpg
Jenna’s super creative idea to add caption bubbles to dozens of retro post cards for their guests to write on was by far my favorite decoration of the wedding!
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-15.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-21.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-23.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-22.jpg
Travis and Jenna’s first look was a complete joy to photograph… in fact, it is probably my favorite first look ever. What they didn’t tell us is that they were going to share their own written vows in private. I could not give a better example of why Emily and I adore first looks…
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-28.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-29.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-34.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-31.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-30.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-32.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-36.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-35.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-39.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-38.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-41.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-42.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-44.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-48.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-49.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-51.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-52.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-54.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-55.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-62.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-61.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-63.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-60.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-64.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-65.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-67.jpg
We found this field of purple flowers the day before their wedding and knew that it would be the highlight of their couple’s session… we were right 🙂
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-74.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-71.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-72.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-68.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-77.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-68.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-70.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-78.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-79.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-80.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-82.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-83.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-86.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-87.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-88.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-89.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-99.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-100.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-102.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-103.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-90.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-92.jpg
Since it was raining and freezing during their ceremony, they decided to do the candle ceremony as well as communion under the tent and amidst the warmth of the space heaters during their reception.
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-93.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-94.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-96.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-97.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-104.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-98.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-106.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-107.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-108.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-111.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-114.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-112.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-115.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-119.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-125.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-134.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-121.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-123.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-132.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-131.jpg
 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-133.jpg

Congratulations, Travis and Jenna. We are so excited for the both of you and the amazing years you have ahead of you. We have grown to love you guys and cannot wait to hang out in the near future!

 photo BushLRdBLOGWDDNG-75.jpg

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  1. Patty Knutson says:

    You Rock Andrew & Emily!!!! Fabulous pictures!!

    • Andrew says:

      Patty, it was so good meeting you and getting to hang out with your whole family! We felt so welcomed in like old friends so thank you for being so hospitable! 🙂

  2. Kathy s says:

    Fantastic pictures of a very beautiful and special couple of their wedding.

  3. I adore watching all of your sessions. This makes me want to get married again to my husband…in lake tahoe!! I love how their love just radiates from them!

    • Andrew says:

      That’s exactly how I feel, Alexandria 🙂 They are such a great couple, and I wouldn’t mind redoing my wedding vows in a place like that either!

  4. Zachary Johnson says:

    Andrew and Emily, it was a pleasure meeting you. These pictures turned out wonderful! What an amazing job of capturing the moments and sentiments.

  5. Abigail Gorman says:

    LOVE LOVE that it rained! How romantic is that!!!! I am from Washington state originally so i was so excited to see that despite the rain you guys were still able to pull off GREAT shots!!

  6. TamiDoine says:

    So beautiful! I am one of your biggest fans!

  7. Jill Osteen says:

    Holy crap you guys! These photos are INCREDIBLE! I think I said, “Oh my gosh!” about 40 times while scrolling through, and of course pinned a few of my favorites! Travis and Jenna, your decor was PERFECT as far and I’m concerned and you must be soooo happy about these and sooo happy you chose Andy and Emily to photograph your big day! Absolutely AMAZING wedding and AMAZING photos!

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jill! 🙂 “Holy crap” was exactly how we felt while shooting in that field of purple flowers 😉

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