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A Baby Shower Post: Girly + Glamourous :)

May 24, 2013

I love Lindsey. I had to start out saying that because no other words sounded right. I just love Lindsey. I met Lindsey almost a year ago when I toured El Chorro for the first time. For those of you who don’t know, El Chorro is a gorgeous wedding venue right in the heart of Scottsdale and Lindsey happens to be the rockstar wedding coordinator there. The first time I met her, I was so frazzled after a long day at home with my toddlers that I was stuttering my speech and I had the worst “mom-brain” I feel like I have ever had! I couldn’t remember what I was talking about when I was talking to her and my mind was just a complete mess. I left thinking “Oh great, she probably thinks I am straight CRAZY!” Apparently, she didn’t notice AT all and thus began a wonderful friendship! 🙂

Lindsey is the type of person that will walk into a room and I swear she has butterflies and rainbows dancing in right behind her… She is so full of life, so happy, and such a joy to everyone she meets. She has a beautiful soft voice and she always has a big, gorgeous smile on her face. You cannot NOT love Lindsey the instant you meet her. Everyone loves Lindsey! Besides her bubbly personality and her caring eyes, she is a lover of all things pink, ruffly, girly, and sparkly! It only made sense that her first baby would be a GIRL! It was a complete honor for me to get to capture even a part of Lindsey’s journey into motherhood and to get to celebrate this sweet new life with all of her family and friends. I loved every minute of this baby shower.

A HUGE shout out to the beautiful ladies from La Tavola Linens for the gorgeous linens and to the incredible ladies from Table Tops Etc. for the gorgeous table centerpieces! 🙂 Also a big shout out to Lindsey’s mom Vikki and sister Melissa for putting on a fabulous shower!    -Emily

 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-2.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-1.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-4.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-5.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-6.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-11.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-12.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-13.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-14.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-28.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-25.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-27.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-9.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-34.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-31.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-33.jpg
Congratulations Lindsey! You are going to be an incredible mother. One who is caring, steadfast, patient, joyful, and one who is a complete BLESSING to this little girl and all of your future children. You are a blessing to me too, friend. 🙂
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG900-22.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG-30.jpg
 photo LindseyB-ShowerBLOG-25.jpg

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  1. Esther says:

    absolutely adorable!!

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