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Andrew + Sarah: A Lifestyle Engagement Session

May 15, 2013


Emily and I had never been to Echo Coffee  before…  We pulled up and saw a couple in the corner that was, no doubt, Andrew and Sarah.  We had never met in person before, but you kind of develop an eye for your clients like a sixth sense 🙂  They spotted us too and we connected instantly.  They are such personable people, Emily and I felt like friends immediately.

Echo Coffee was the place that Andrew and Sarah met for their first date.  In fact, the shots we took outside were in the same spot that they had their first date.  This time was a lot different, though, as Andrew described a story of how a man walking on the street started heckling them and wouldn’t leave; how’s THAT for a first date! 🙂  Regardless, they clicked and the rest is history.

Later on, we ended up at Papago Park and headed up to the hole in the rock, which is where Andrew proposed to Sarah.  It was such a fun shoot and so full of the aspects of their relationship; it was kind of like an engagement shoot and a lifestyle shoot rolled into one 🙂  Andrew and Sarah are moving to Colorado, so they wanted to make sure their engagement session really captured the first chapter of their relationship.  We were, of course, happy to play a part 🙂  -A

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