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Kyle + Brea: A Sedona Engagement Session

May 13, 2013


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Kyle and Brea told us they wanted to do their engagement session up in Sedona. In fact, they wanted to go on a ‘short’ hike up a mountain and do their photo shoot on top. It was the same mountain that Kyle proposed on a few months ago and so it was a special place for them. What we DIDN’T know what that we would be crawling on hands and knees to get up this thing! 🙂 Kyle’s a human-mountain goat hybrid so to he and Brea, it was no big deal 🙂 Of course I’m making a bigger deal of this than it actually was, it really wasn’t that bad. We welcomed the outdoors and the beautiful cool weather of Sedona. The breathtaking views that Sedona offers go without need of mention. After sitting at my desk editing all week long, a gorgeous Sedona mountain climb was exactly what we needed!

We were an odd-looking group, to be sure; me carrying a ton of camera gear and Kyle lugging their outfits all the way up this mountain, people couldn’t help but ask us what we were doing. Some thought we were heading up there to do a wedding, understandably so since they couldn’t actually see what kind of outfits Kyle was carrying. Once we got to the top, we had several onlookers who were fascinated by our photo shoot. Lucky for us, Kyle and Brea took to the shoot like a fish and water, so the stares and quiet comments didn’t phase them at all.

This shoot was so different than our usual setting for an engagement session, so we are really excited to share this photo shoot with our readers. I hope you enjoy! -A

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I LOVE this 🙂 Instead of changing out of her dress to hike down to our last spot of shooting, Brea decides to throw on her jeans and hiking shoes and brave the mountain hike down… awesome 🙂
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  1. Esther says:

    wow!! These are amazing pictures! What a photogenic couple!

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