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Brock + Danielle: ENGAGED

May 6, 2013


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Happy Monday everyone!

Just a quick post today as we have lots of editing to do and are headed into a busy week with lots of shoots and weddings! We just love what we do!!

Brock + Danielle have a special place in our hearts as Brock and I (Emily) used to lead Jr. High Youth Group together at our church 6-7 years ago! When I started dating Andrew, Andrew joined our team and he and Brock led the boys and really got to know each other. We have adored Brock for years and we were so happy several years ago when he and Danielle first started dating. She made him happier than we had ever seen him and I think everyone knew right away that Brock + Danielle were meant to be! We are so honored to be their wedding photographers and capture such a special day for them in September. For now, enjoy a few of our favorites from their Engagement Session! 🙂 -E

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 photo BishopBLOG-5.jpg
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  1. Sandy says:

    Love, love, love the photographs! Love Brock & Danielle, too!

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