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Bryan + Deanna: An Engagement Session in the Park

May 2, 2013


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We love Bryan + Deanna! Emily met Deanna for the first time on Thursday and we shot their engagement session on Sunday. Deanna knew right away exactly what she wanted and exactly what she was looking for in her photographers. We love these kinds of brides! It is so important for couples getting married to do some research before choosing any vendor to make sure you love their style and love their look. Once you know exactly what you are looking for, booking your vendors should be EASY and FUN!

Bryan, however, was NOT looking forward to this shoot. When we hear this from our grooms, all we can do is laugh! Most people feel like this in front of the camera, especially guys. 🙂 I told him ‘That’s often typical with guys so you are in good company’ :). By the end of the session, he was laughing and having fun and we believe this is because of our “hands-off approach”. The best photos are those that are captured in the moment. We just told Bryan to be “touchy feely” with Deanna and when he didn’t know what to do, just make-out with her (ha!)… what guy doesn’t want to do that?! We also believe it was because he truly loves Deanna and it was evident to everyone around them. 🙂

Bryan and Deanna were so much fun to work with and we cannot wait for their wedding next year!! Enjoy!

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