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Brenden + Michelle: A Desert Engagement Session

April 1, 2013


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Happy Monday to all of our incredible blog readers! We hope that you all had an incredible Easter filled with people that you love celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. 🙂

Andrew and I had a packed weekend full of shoots, a gorgeous wedding that we cannot wait to share, and then lots of time with family and people that we love. This particular engagement session is close to my heart as I (Emily) just adore the daylights out of Michelle and have been looking forward to this shoot for some time.

I met Michelle at Starbucks several months ago to get to know each other and chat about her wedding photography. We clicked immediately and she has felt more like a friend than a client since we first sat down together (these are my favorite kinds of clients!). Between dreaming up her wedding day, chatting about the sunset and detailed timeline planning and venue coordination, to the countless hours I spent on my email excitedly looking at EVERY single potential wedding dress that she tried on and giving my input, to the day she actually picked the perfect dress for her… I have adored Michelle. I am thrilled that she has shared so much more than just the “photography aspect” of her wedding day with me… I get to be apart of every little detail! Here is a peek into Michelle and Brenden’s relationship that Andrew and I captured together on Friday. We love these two and cannot wait for their gorgeous Tucson wedding in May!! 🙂

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  1. tonya and bob m says:

    Emily and Andrew….wonderful shots. ..awesome setting. ..beautiful couple!!!!!!. .. excited about the upcoming event! ! Hope to see you there. …

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