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The Happy Bride

March 20, 2013

Stressed about your wedding day?  Planning it all on your own or maybe you didn’t hire the right planner?  Having second thoughts about the DJ you hired or maybe the photographer?  Purchased your dress but aren’t sure if you feel as beautiful in it as you wanted to?  These are questions in your head that will drive you to drink and will keep you up at all hours of the night before your wedding day 🙂

I’ve said it before but it never hurts to say again; Emily and I love our job because we work with some of the best brides in the world!  Most of our weddings are at gorgeous venues that are the perfect backdrop for our beautiful brides and studly grooms on the days of their weddings 🙂  We LOVE having amazing places to shoot and we are so fortunate to get to shoot at some of the best locations in the valley, and even around the United States.    We cater to a classy bride with an eye for creativity, and that makes it all the more enjoyable for us because not only do we work with some of the most beautiful brides, but they hire us because they truly appreciate the way we creatively capture their photos.

There is more to our brides than just class and a love for artistic photography, though. It is this trait that sends us over the moon for our brides; they are happy.   More than anything we love a HAPPY BRIDE! A happy bride’s happiness is CONTAGIOUS.  After all, who doesn’t love being around happy people? 🙂  Their energetic mood and positive outlook on life is exciting to be around; everyone notices it on their wedding day and they look even more attractive with that bright smile on their face.  This is our kind of bride!    We will bend over backwards to work with a truly happy bride, even if her wedding is in her parent’s backyard with pizza as the main course.  There are so many blogs out there about how to make your wedding LOOK amazing!   From Pinterest to the 100’s of wedding blogs that are all about creative ideas for the DIY bride, to most wedding magazines that are covered from page to page with ads to show you just how beautiful your wedding can be!  But I have to tell you, some of the most beautiful weddings I have witnessed were far from beautiful on the outside.  There was something else entirely that captured my eye, and it wasn’t the linens on the table or how beautiful the bride’s bouquet turned out. On the flip side, we have shot some drop-dead gorgeous weddings with so much beauty to look at it made us emotional. But amongst all the beautiful extravagance, from the breathtaking floral arrangements to the stunning bride herself, there was still something more attractive to see and it is the reason we started to shoot weddings in the first place.

So after a good response from our FB followers when we asked if they would like to know what we think makes a happy wedding day and what makes a disaster of one, we decided to start this blog series.  The Happy Bride (catchy title, isn’t it?). 🙂  We are so passionate about happy brides that we want to share with you, our readers, why they are so happy on their wedding day!  Our hope is that by reading this blog series, you will be one step closer to your wedding day being more amazing than you could imagine by being able to focus on what is going to make YOU truly happy. Every bride is unique so what makes 1 bride happy is not going to be the same as another. Finding that key to YOUR happy wedding is what we want to help you do. Also, we want to help by steering you clear from the pitfalls that so many brides fall into because they focused all their attention on the WRONG thing and ignored what their heart’s true desire was. That will also be different for every bride so we aren’t going to tell you what to do, but just what we have learned along the way. If you are miserable with your wedding planning and want to pull your hair out, we will help you become a Happy Bride in no time! 🙂 And for those of you who are already having the time of your life planning your wedding, we want to be an encouragement as well by coming alongside and enjoying this part of your life with you and giving you a place to share your thoughts and experiences! The world of weddings is a better place when Happy Brides are present so let the fun begin!


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