El Chorro Wedding Photography: Nelson + Erika

It’s Thursday night! Which means it’s almost the weekend for you, and almost time for us to shoot our 9th wedding of the season on Saturday! I have said it before, but it really has been such a magical season so far… we are so happy that we still have two months left of wedding season with beautiful Arizona weather!

I have to be honest, I have sat down to write this blog post several times this week, and I have given up many times. Part of me cannot believe this wedding is over- as Andrew and I anticipated it for almost a full year. Over that year- I grew to love Erika and Nelson so deeply. And part of me cannot find the words… the correct words to really express my heart on paper when my heart is bursting at the seams. I love every single one of our couples so much, but every once in a while, there’s a special couple… the kind of couple that makes US feel so appreciated and valued. The type of couple that texts me to see how I am doing out of the blue, or who sends me selfies of herself, or who would drive from Tucson to Phoenix to have breakfast with me instead of chatting over the phone and doesn’t bat an eyelash when I have to change plans on her last minute. The moment we met Erika and Nelson, we didn’t just gain incredible wedding clients, we gained friends. And the type of friends who put people above things, memories above details, and genuine laughter above just about anything else. They are two of the most joyful and confident people I have ever met, and I could not say enough about these two. They inspire us.

The wedding day was everything Erika and Nelson hoped for… and more. From the calm of the getting ready room, to the beautiful and emotional first look (see below!), to the rain that crept in and out of the forecast… sprinkling just enough to make the weather perfect and for us to get some fun umbrella shots, to the laughter during the ceremony, to the cheering from the guests, to the adorable choreographed first dance that made everyone clap and giggle, to the way Erika and Nelson made sure to hug and love on each and every one of their guests… it was a wedding more personal and genuine than we have ever seen, and we felt like so much more than just photographers there… we felt like welcomed and loved guests. We are so thankful for these two.

Erika and Nelson, thank you for how fearlessly you love and for the way you deeply respect each other, yourselves, and everyone around you. You are truly a “power couple” and we feel honored to know you… -A&EJ


Wedding Planning: Danielle Goettl with Outstanding Occasions
Venue Coordinator: Lindsey Rendon

Venue: El Chorro | Florals & Decor: Carte Blanche Design | Bride’s Makeup: Herself | Bridesmaid’s Makeup: AZ Glitz Girls | Hair: Bo Stegall | Wedding Gown: Olia Zavozina | Ceremony Musician: Roger Paull | Officiant: Mike Kennedy | DJ: David Bailey | Cinematographer: Beth Callahan | Stationery: Minted.com | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

El Chorro Wedding Photography: Troy + Chloe

Hello friends! Tomorrow is the first of MARCH- I cannot believe how quickly this year is flying by already! It feels as if we JUST ended our fall 2016 season, and now we are already SEVEN weddings into our spring season! What!?

This wedding is special for us as it was the first wedding of our TRIPLE header wedding weekend last week. We have never shot 3 weddings in a row before… mostly because we set our limit at 2 in a weekend and have always stuck to it. But when our dear friend Sam with Revel Wedding Co. asked us if we were free for her couple, we just could NOT say no! Not only do we adore Sam as a planner and a friend, but we just knew based on her personality that any bride of hers would be the PERFECT fit for us! She is laid back and joyful, and so are her couples (everything we hope for)! We were definitely not disappointed when we met Chloe for the first time and she made us laugh uncontrollably for a solid hour. We loved her instantly and knew that we would do whatever we had to in order to document her day. We did not get to meet Troy until their engagement session, but he is just as hilarious and definitely the type of guy that you want to become BFFs with.

When the wedding day finally arrived, it was better than we could have imagined. Chloe was breathtaking, Troy was his funny and joyful self, their families were absolutely amazing, the details and decor by Petal Pusher was top notch, and the day flowed flawlessly. The sky threatened rain, but the rain held off and instead created the most beautiful gloomy clouds. And while I shouldn’t share too many details of the reception because there’s definitely a lot to share, I will say that we have NEVER encountered so many people on the dance floor, so many party animals, or so much CRAZY fun at a reception before. The wild details of the reception will forever be our secret, and by “our”, I mean the wedding vendors who laughed with us behind the scenes as we watched all the hilarious antics that took place in front of our eyes. Chloe and Troy and their people are FUNNNN! ;) Enjoy! -A&EJ


A HUGE thank you to our amazing wedding team!

Wedding Planning: Samantha Glascock- Revel Wedding Co.

Venue: El Chorro Weddings | Florals & Decor: Petal Pusher | Hair Styling: Hair by Emily Hughes | Makeup: Ashley Doran Makeup | Officiant: Reverend Rick Bell | Ceremony Musicians: Sweetwater Strings | Stationery: Freed Hands, Glamour & Woods | Draping: Quest Drape | Rentals: Us2U Rentals | Linens: La Tavola Linen | Cake: Piece of Cake Desserts | DJ: Desert House Productions | Videography: Simply Cinema | Photography: Andrew & Jade Photography

Desert Botanical Garden Wedding: Mark + Michele

It’s Friday! I cannot believe that it’s already Friday night! And I cannot believe that tomorrow is our last February wedding! We are six weddings into our spring season already and it has FLOWN by!

I have tried to sit down ALL week to type out this blog post and every time I do, something steals my time away… whether it be sickness, new details about our future that needs my time and planning, someone that needs help, a birthday party for Andrew to plan (on that note, Andrew turns 35 tomorrow!!)… or a series of other distractions. It has been an unimaginably insane week! And as I fell into bed tonight, I remembered that this blog post was waiting for my attention and I could not go another day without posting it. So here I am, at 9:51pm… closing my eyes and trying to relive Mark and Michele’s beautiful day in my mind.

While I typically gush about each of our clients, I really don’t think I could put into 3 paragraphs exactly how I feel about Mark & Michele- they are too special and too genuine, and too wonderful, and too loving… for just three paragraphs. I could go on and on about the way these two love each other, about how gracious and kind they are to everyone around them… especially strangers. About their love for life. About how deeply and selflessly they love. About the twinkle in Mark’s eyes when he looks at Michele… and about how beautiful Michele’s smile is… There is so much about these two to know and so much to adore. Since I could never put it all into words, I’ll let the images speak for themselves and I won’t make you wait any longer to see them. Mark and Michele- we were honored to be there and we are honored to know you. You two have something special… and we are so excited for all that life and marriage has for you two! We hope Bora Bora was incredible!!! -A&EJ


Our AMAZING wedding team:

Wedding Planner: Kate Clayton with Sip & Twirl Event Planning
Venue Coordinator: Nicole McCall

Venue: Desert Botanical Garden | Florals & Decor: Fiori Floral | Hair & Makeup: Glam Lounge Artists | Ceremony Musicians: Sweetwater Strings | Officiant: Matt Nathanson | Catering: Santa Barbara Catering | Stationery: Beacon Lane | DJ: Desert House Productions | Videography: Serendipity Cinematography | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

Camelback Inn Wedding Photography: Tyler + Samantha

Happy Valentines Day!! Today isn’t just an ordinary holiday for Andrew and I, it also marks 9 years of “togetherness”. We were insecure and young 9 years ago as we drove in silence to our first date and little did we know, this is where we would end up… capturing love and relationships as our career! Every weekend feels like Valentines Day to us as we witness two people committing their lives to each other. We are in the business of LOVE and we could not feel more fortunate!

Tyler and Samantha tied the knot last Saturday in a stunning ceremony overlooking Camelback Mountain and all the beauty that the Camelback Inn has to offer! It was our first time shooting on their property and we were so IN LOVE! The landscape… the views… the service… Camelback Inn escalated quickly into one of our new favorite properties! These two are from Oklahoma and planned their destination wedding in Scottsdale as a way for their loved ones to enjoy warmer weather and all the beauty that the desert has to offer! It was evident that their guests were over the moon about being here and celebrating with them!

From the way these two interacted and loved on each other all day, to the way the amazing band rocked the dance floor, to the way Tamara with Petal Pusher completely outdid herself on the decor, to the way Kayla with Some Like It Classic kept the day running flawlessly, it was THE.PERFECT.DAY! Andrew and I found ourselves continuously stepping back to take in the beautiful surroundings and to watch the guests as they mingled and danced under the twinkle lights and the stars. We couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and inspired by all the BEAUTY around us.

Tyler and Samantha, thank you for choosing us and for being SO wonderful along the way. We were honored to be there to document your love. We are so thankful for you both! -A&EJ




A HUGE thank you to our AMAZING vendor team:

Wedding Planner: Kayla Bellitt With Some Like It Classic
Venue Coordinator: Shelley Levy

Florals & Decor: Petal Pusher AZ | Venue: J.W. Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn | Makeup: Linda Wagner Makeup | Hair: Lisa Fresa Hair | Ceremony Musicians: Thano & Lolo | Reception Band: Trejavu Band | Officiant: Reverend Rick Bell | Wedding Gown: Stardust Bridal | Stationery: No Regrets | Groom’s Tux: Teena Hicks Company | Wedding Rings: Gemmark Jewelers | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

Mesa Wedding Photography: Chris + Tasha

Happy Monday, friends! Our spring wedding season has officially started! We have 17 beautiful and unique weddings this season and we feel so blessed and thankful for each and every one of our amazing couples! We cannot wait to show you all the beauty to come over the next few months!

Our season started earlier than normal as we don’t typically take on weddings in January, but could not be happier that we chose to! When we first received an inquiry from Tasha and Chris and noticed that their wedding date was late January, I took a minute to process before I did what I typically do- which is to politely respond that we choose not to shoot weddings in January, as it is our month of rest between our Fall and Spring wedding seasons. Writing that email to turn them away just didn’t feel right in my soul, and I could not figure out why. So instead, I cheerfully responded that we would love to meet them for coffee to see if we were all a good fit for each other.

Not even 5 minutes into our coffee date, Andrew and I gave each other what we call “the glance”. The glance says basically “YES. YES. YES. We HAVE to shoot their wedding. Whatever it takes. We HAVE to be friends with these two. They are everything we want in wedding clients.” We clicked with them instantly and loved them instantly. We didn’t even care if we were starting our spring season earlier than planned, we just knew that it was meant to be. I am so glad that we listened to our instincts… these two have blessed us in more ways than they could ever know. The way they love each other, the excitement in their relationship, the way no one else seems to be in the room when they are together, the way they intentionally and continuously surprise each other just to make sure the other knows they are loved… We have NEVER witnessed a groom more outwardly in love with his bride than Chris is with Tasha, and it was such a blessing to watch. Throughout our careers, God had used particular weddings to spark our own marriage in seasons of “desert”- and Chris and Tasha’s wedding was one of those for us. It was beautiful. It was meaningful. It was emotional. And we learned so much about love watching these two that day.

Chris and Tasha, thank you for the way you love each other. Thank you for how you exude confidence and security. Thank you for choosing us, and for being such a beautiful gift to us. We wish you ALL the happiness together. -A&EJ


A BIG thank you to our amazing wedding team:

Venue: Superstition Manor | Florals: Wild Iris Weddings | Invitations/Stationery: Victoria York Design | Makeup: Courtney Montes | Hair: Maggie Hancock | Cocktail Hour Musician: Michael Land | DJ: Save This Dance | Cake: Ruze Cake House | Videography: Cineprose Films | Photography: Andrew & Jade Photography

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