Royal Palms Resort Wedding Photography: Mike + Jessica

As I am sitting down to write out this post, I cannot believe that we are already halfway through our spring wedding season! And 2017 is already 1/4 of the way over! Where has the time gone??

Mike and Jessica’s wedding will always be one of our favorites. First, let me give a shout out to Kayla with Some Like It Classic who is a seriously incredible wedding planner and SUCH a joy to work with! We just love her! Secondly, I have to shout out to Flower Studio who creates the most absolutely breathtaking designs and florals for every single wedding they do. Such talented and humble people! These two are on our list of top favorites in the AZ industry and we feel so lucky to get to work with them as often as we do! Now that I have raved about their vendors, let me rave about Mike and Jessica a little bit…

Mike and Jessica have been together for 11 years… ELEVEN years! They have loved one another and been committed to each other for over 1/3 of their lives already so their wedding day was extra special and much anticipated. Some say that to be together for so long before marriage makes the joy of the wedding day a little less, but Andrew and I believe quite the opposite. And so do all of their loved ones. What a testimony to commitment and friendship! What an inspiring journey these two have been on! They have spent most of their relationship long-distance from each other as they both achieved their masters and doctorate degrees and even landed the careers of their dreams. They have cheered each other on over the phone and in person, they have supported each other, worked hard together, cried together, laughed together, and missed each other. They know that they need each other and each is the other’s calming factor. They have created not just a love story, but an amazing friendship. After such a journey, Andrew and I felt like the wedding day had a level of depth to it that we don’t experience as often- it was as if everyone had a peace in their souls and joy in their eyes that said “YES. IT IS TIME. NOW IS THE TIME.” It was time, and what a JOYOUS celebration it was!

Mike and Jessica, thank you for choosing us and for being two of the most inspiring and hardworking people we have ever met. Your commitment to each other is a blessing to everyone around you, and we are SO lucky to know you. -A&EJ






Scottsdale Resort Wedding Photography: Lloyd + Danielle

We are SO excited to post this blog post as we just LOVE these two! I don’t know that I have ever seen a happier couple or such an amazing group of bridesmaids!

The moment I first walked into Danielle’s bridal suite, I was met with a beaming and confident bride. She excitedly introduced me to all of her bridesmaids and they all smiled and made me feel so at home. I have to admit that I have never met a group of bridesmaids as genuinely warm and inviting as Danielle’s. They were all kind and wild and beautiful… everything a group of girlfriends should be. It was confirmed in me that moment that even though I had only spent a few hours with Danielle before her wedding day arrived, she is one of a kind. After all, the friends you surround yourself with tend to define the kind of person that you are. :)

The emotion we were able to capture between their joyful friends, the romance we captured between Danielle and Lloyd, the traditions, the speeches and love from their parents, and the insane dancing and party at the reception made this wedding one of our absolute favorites! I love that each image tells a story- each image represents two people who were completely made for each other and who are celebrated so happily by their loved ones. All. Night. Long!

Danielle and Lloyd- we are HONORED to have been there to celebrate you on your day. Thank you for being so loving and genuine and absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!! -A&EJ


Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Wedding Photography: Matt + Sondra

It’s Friday!! Which means for most of you… a relaxing weekend is coming! But for those of us in peak wedding season, a BUSY weekend is coming. We can’t complain since our busyness equals joyfulness and photographing two people madly in love… ;)

I am so excited to share this blog post with you today! Not only do we adore the details and the venue and our entire vendor team, but this amazing couple is one of our favorites! Sondra is one of the most genuine, patient, gracious, and truly joyful people we have ever met. I think proof of that lies in the fact that she had EIGHT bridesmaids on her wedding day! It’s evident how loved and adored she is by her friends and everyone around her and that shows just what an amazing and loving person SHE is! She smiles nonstop and her joy is contagious! Matt is her perfect match as he adores the daylights out of her and he gently cares for her. He is such a good man- full of integrity and love. Andrew and I were overjoyed to be there to document these two and to witness the way they love each other.

Every detail on the wedding day was perfect and true represented Matt and Sondra- even down to the teal vintage getaway car that Matt surprised Sondra with! We won’t give too much away as we want you to scroll below, but notice the emotion as you browse through these images… it’s obvious how JOYFUL the wedding day was and what a dream couple these two are!! Enjoy! -A&EJ


A HUGE thank you to our amazing wedding team!!

Wedding Planning: Danielle Goettl with Outstanding Occasions
Venue Coordinator: Mallory Morse

Reception Venue:  Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

Ceremony: St Patrick’s Catholic Community Church
Hair & Makeup: Amber Lane with Something Beautiful
Florals: Prim Rentals
Rentals: Prim Unique Rentals, Classic Party Rentals
Linens: La Tavola Linen
Stationery: Idieh Design
Videography: Serendipity Cinematography
Transportation: Copper Star Transportation
Bride&Groom Transportation: Roscoe & Louie
Ceremony Music: Sweetwater Strings
DJ: Desert House Productions
Officiant: Eric Tellez
Photography: Andrew & Jade Photography

Four Seasons Wedding Photography: Rick + Brenda

Happy Friday night!

Tomorrow is the first Saturday we have off from weddings since January and we are celebrating by… having a hard sale. Ha! We have some very exciting news we will be sharing soon, and having a yard sale is a part of our master plan… ;)

We are SO excited to share this wedding with you!! I don’t know that we have ever captured a wedding as beautiful as this one! The flowers… the colors… the backdrop… it was pure romance and absolute perfection thanks to wedding planning genius Rachel Troyan from Outstanding Occasions and the ever talented ladies from Petal Pusher! I think Andrew and I likely walked around giddy and in disbelief all day long!

While I cannot wait for you to stop reading and start scrolling, I will say that Brenda and Rick are two absolutely wonderful people and such a match made in heaven! Their love story is like one out of a romance novel (and that is so fitting being that Brenda is a well-respected author). Our favorite part of the entire day besides the details? Watching Brenda and Rick on the dance floor all night long together was magical! They danced and smiled at each other as if no one else were in the room, and they stayed on the dance floor for hours twirling around each other, holding hands, laughing, and stealing kisses… What a night!!

Congratulations Rick and Brenda! What a JOY it was to document a piece of your beautiful love story! -A&EJ


Wedding Planner: Rachel with Outstanding Occasions
Venue Coordinator: Jamie Tennant

Floral & Decor: Petal Pusher | Venue: Four Seasons Resort at Scottsdale | Hair Artist : Mayra Randt at Le Studio | Makeup Artist: Stephanie N. SN Makeup Artist |
Ceremony Musicians: Sweetwater Strings |
Officiant: Kyle Allen with 1st Officiant |
Reception Band: The Instant Classics |
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals |
Stationery: idieh design |

El Chorro Wedding Photography: Nelson + Erika

It’s Thursday night! Which means it’s almost the weekend for you, and almost time for us to shoot our 9th wedding of the season on Saturday! I have said it before, but it really has been such a magical season so far… we are so happy that we still have two months left of wedding season with beautiful Arizona weather!

I have to be honest, I have sat down to write this blog post several times this week, and I have given up many times. Part of me cannot believe this wedding is over- as Andrew and I anticipated it for almost a full year. Over that year- I grew to love Erika and Nelson so deeply. And part of me cannot find the words… the correct words to really express my heart on paper when my heart is bursting at the seams. I love every single one of our couples so much, but every once in a while, there’s a special couple… the kind of couple that makes US feel so appreciated and valued. The type of couple that texts me to see how I am doing out of the blue, or who sends me selfies of herself, or who would drive from Tucson to Phoenix to have breakfast with me instead of chatting over the phone and doesn’t bat an eyelash when I have to change plans on her last minute. The moment we met Erika and Nelson, we didn’t just gain incredible wedding clients, we gained friends. And the type of friends who put people above things, memories above details, and genuine laughter above just about anything else. They are two of the most joyful and confident people I have ever met, and I could not say enough about these two. They inspire us.

The wedding day was everything Erika and Nelson hoped for… and more. From the calm of the getting ready room, to the beautiful and emotional first look (see below!), to the rain that crept in and out of the forecast… sprinkling just enough to make the weather perfect and for us to get some fun umbrella shots, to the laughter during the ceremony, to the cheering from the guests, to the adorable choreographed first dance that made everyone clap and giggle, to the way Erika and Nelson made sure to hug and love on each and every one of their guests… it was a wedding more personal and genuine than we have ever seen, and we felt like so much more than just photographers there… we felt like welcomed and loved guests. We are so thankful for these two.

Erika and Nelson, thank you for how fearlessly you love and for the way you deeply respect each other, yourselves, and everyone around you. You are truly a “power couple” and we feel honored to know you… -A&EJ


Wedding Planning: Danielle Goettl with Outstanding Occasions
Venue Coordinator: Lindsey Rendon

Venue: El Chorro | Florals & Decor: Carte Blanche Design | Bride’s Makeup: Herself | Bridesmaid’s Makeup: AZ Glitz Girls | Hair: Bo Stegall | Wedding Gown: Olia Zavozina | Ceremony Musician: Roger Paull | Officiant: Mike Kennedy | DJ: David Bailey | Cinematographer: Beth Callahan | Stationery: | Photography: Andrew&Jade Photography

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