Intimate Desert Wedding: Taylor + Elizabeth

Taylor + Elizabeth were married a couple of weeks ago in an intimate desert ceremony and it was perfect in every way.

The goblets, the succulents, the family style tables, her simple yet stunning dress, and the way these two love each other made this wedding one of my favorites to date. It is not dripping with details or ornate crystals and “bling”… it shows off how absolutely STUNNING the Arizona desert can be. Simple. Soft. Beautiful. Many days EmilyJade and I wish we could do our own wedding over again with the knowledge that we have now. Our wedding did not represent us and it wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be. We have often wondered what our ideal wedding would be like if we ever could go back in time. After seeing Taylor and Elizabeth’s wedding day come to life, I knew that I had found it. The simplicity and intimacy of their wedding day was just perfect, and exactly how I would want my own wedding to be.

Our dear friend Randi from Carte Blanche Florals took this intimate wedding to the next level with her vision and design… she is truly one of the best in the state and we recommend her to everyone! Congratulations Taylor + Elizabeth! We wish you all the happiness in the world!
Here are several of my favorites from their big day… -A

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Wedding Vendors & Details:

Ceremony: Lost Dog Trail

Reception: El Chorro Lodge

Florals/Design: Carte Blanche Florals

Photography: Andrew&Jade



Nancy Nilsson Scheiderman - Beautiful in every way!!

Modern Phoenix - great styling and imagery!

Susan Matthews - Absolutely stunning! Congratulations!

Sandra Townsend Street - Absolutely beautiful!

Jackie Brown - Congratulations! What an amazing setting! Best wishes!

Paul Marquez - Congratulations!!

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