Iced Coffee Recipe

This is BEYOND simple… which makes it even better, in my book. I love GREAT RESULTS with as LITTLE work as possible! SO… since I stumbled upon this simple combination while just trying to throw together a decent cup of coffee, I have been making it for 4 straight weeks now. In fact, we haven’t gone to Starbucks ONCE since we started making these! It’s probably a $.20 cup of coffee as opposed to a $3-4 cup at any coffee shop. It is SIMPLE but SO GOOD so don’t knock it ’til you try it! Enjoy! :)
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Lauren Elizabeth - Sounds Yummy

Beverly Blake Reiswig - I’m not very ‘puter savvy ~ How do I save this wonderful recipe to my site please..

Andrew - You could use Pinterest I guess :) do you have an account?

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